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March 24, 2020, 05:24:49 PM by Belka


Author Topic: PC Patch Notes: Client v309.4 - Server: 309.44  (Read 1278 times)

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PC Patch Notes: Client v309.4 - Server: 309.44
« on: April 02, 2020, 03:47:03 AM »
 Current Version:  v309.44 - 04/01/2020

    Fixed a turret exploit with the Space Whale

v309.42 - 03/30/2020

    Fixed a server crash
    Fixed multiple cases where the Bloodstalker couldn't swing around Extinction
    Fixed some configuration issues with the dynamic rates ini on non-standard official servers

v309.4 - 03/26/2020

    Fixed an issue with collision on several meshes
    Fixed several mesh holes in various biomes
    Improved hover skiff movement and operation on steep terrain
    Fixed a damage exploit with Ferox
    Ferox should now keep its imprint buff when in large form
    Reduced cloning cost for the Giant Turtle
    Improved HLNA performance when crafting a large number of items
    Teleporting East in the Bog biome will no longer transport the player South East
    Insect swarms now give chitin instead of hide
    Modified the no-build zone in the main volcano cave
    Adjusted the trajectory of lunar comets to prevent edge cases of players and dinos dying
    Fixed a rare case where the mining drill could damage the tek sensor
    Activation/deactivation settings will now save on the tek alarm
    Activation/deactivation settings will now save on the pressure plate
    The lava on The Island in caves and the lava in the Wyvern trench on S.E. will no longer damage Magmasaur
    Improved localization on the Rockwell boss fight and end cutscene
    Cryopods can be accessed in the HLNA Shop again
    Enabled several performance-related visual tweaks on wild Astrocetus
    Improved the accuracy of HLNA cardinal direction when teleporting
    HLNA teleportation logic now tries to avoid turrets, non-allied players, and hostile dinos
    Fixed an exploit with cruise missiles that allowed them to bypass turrets
    Improved several visual components of the mission UI (difficulty text, leaderboards, item lists, mission notifications)
    Made adjustments in areas near the volcano to fix rare instances where eruptions would instantly kill players/dinos
    Significantly reduced the frequency and slightly increased the duration of green rain in the bog biome
    Reduced the number of insect swarms in Bog biome by about 25%
    Added a cooldown between green rain insect swarm spawns.
    Fixed an edge case that caused the player to be destroyed when mounting an Equus and equipping its saddle
    Increased the placement radius check for ocean platforms to prevent them from being placed next to enemy foundations/platforms
    Prevented Meks from being deployed in the VR Mission
    Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving the mission buff in specific biomes (Bog/Ocean/Arctic)
    Fixed the increased damage multiplier in various biomes
    Reduced the bat spawns in the main volcano within the volcano biome

v307.8 - 03/24/2020

    Fixed an issue that would prevent players connecting to OC servers
    Re-enabled configuration to prevent Reapers from being transferred to Genesis.


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